Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A better year

Whew I'm so far behind!

Last year, the last 18 months, maybe, was so awful.  I knew at the time things were hard, but didn't realize how hard until things got better.
When I say hard, I know on the grand scheme of things, it wasn't that hard. We didn't lose a family member, no one went postal... so many worse things could have happened.  I read a "ScaryMommy" confession page and was frankly horrified at some of the people's confessions, how miserable people are.  I am not that miserable.
 But on the day to day dealing with things scale, things were hard.
Mostly due to the move.  It started with house hunting taking up more and more free days.  Then getting our house on the market.  Then we were getting ready to move.  Moving was a little special slice of hell that I have only recently been able to talk about without tearing up.  But we moved, and school started.
Then we launched into construction.  Which, while I'm not actually doing the construction myself, involved more time and energy from myself than I had anticipated.
I knew changing schools would be hard, but we'd heard great things about the schools up here.  However, the school we left was really wonderful, and it's hard for anything to compare.  We have since learned that in 4th grade, the grade Thing 1 was going into, there's one teacher you want, one teacher you can endure, and two teachers you do not want.  She got the one you can endure.  At a time when she needed more help and support than any other in her life, she got a very firm disciplinarian.  It was a super hard year for her.
And a super hard year for her translated to a really difficult year for me.

Recently things seem to be going better.
We're practically done with construction, the "three week" project that has taken five months might be done before the snow falls... or it might not.   We might be able to get some plants in this fall... or not.  Whatever.  It is moving forward again.

The other day when I was asking Thing 1 how her day went, she said, and I quote, "School was the best part of my day."  This wasn't some horrible day, either.  It was a half school day, she'd had a playdate with a friend she rarely sees, and we'd gone out to dinner.  But she'd just had a really fun day at school.  She loves her teacher, who doesn't believe in loading down the kids with tons of homework THANK YOU!!!
Thing 2 won the 4th grade teacher lottery, and got the teacher that everyone wants. This woman has the kids who tested into the accelerated program.  Thing 2 did not, yet the teacher told me Thing 2 out performs the other kids almost all the time.  She loves Thing 2, and Thing 2 loves her.

The garage is done, both cars fit easily into it, and even with the garage door down there is almost a car and a half length on one side, a little less on the other side because the stairs cut into it.  The construction there was completely worth it.

Finances  haven't been bad.  Every time I've needed money it seems to appear.

It's just a better year.

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