Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Thing 1 was born 11 years ago today.  Someone told her it was her golden birthday.  She turned eleven on the eleventh.

The boy scouts came by last night and put a flag in our yard.   I was momentarily baffled.  I was on the phone with Hubby when they drove up, and he reminded me that the next day, today, was Patriot's Day in addition to being our daughter's birthday.

I commented to Thing 2 that as long as we live in Utah, both girls will get flags in our yard on their birthdays.  "Yeah," she said, "but her's is a bigger deal.  And people don't really remember my birthday.  Everyone remembers hers."
"She doesn't get a parade, though..." I told her.

They had a good day.  I dropped off mini mechanical pencils for her to pass out to her classmates.  The school going "no treats" cramps my style.  I spent quite a bit of time searching the closeout aisle in the office supply store trying to find something I could afford that wouldn't make my kid a pariah of uncoolness.  "Tape?  You passed out rolls of scotch tape on your birthday?"  I felt I'd scored with the brightly decorated mini mechanicals, and Thing 1 reported later everyone thought they were great.

I offered to take the girls to the State Fair, after school, but Thing 1 opted to come home and do her homework and just hang out here, and have pizza and a movie night instead.  Maybe we'll go to the fair on Friday.

She went to bed happy.  

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