Saturday, September 3, 2011

We're walking.... we're walking....

I am not an ironer.  My husband could pass for retired military, with the stiff creased lines down the front of his immaculately pressed pants and the arms of his starched shirts.  I sport a more casual, wrinkled, perhaps I might have slept in my clothes sort of style.

In our old house laundry would often be left in the dryer for a few days, or be stacked clean and waiting to be folded into huge piles.  There was nowhere to fold it except when I'd resolve to break down and cover the couch and all other elevated area in front of the TV with the clean laundry.  The floor is out, because unless I vacuum very carefully before I iron, all clothes would be covered with Kelso hair.   At any given time, even after I vacuum, there is a certain amount of Kelso hair around my house.  This, by the way, is Kelso on the path that runs behind our new house. The path is fabulous for walking the dog, though I'm surprised at how many burrs his coat picks up even if he doesn't leave the path. But I digress.

I have made extra effort in our new house to get the laundry out of the new dryer before the permanent wrinkle folds embed themselves in the clothes.  Oh, stop for a picture!  The new washer and dryer are so be-you-tee-ful!!

Soooo pretty!

The guy at Home Depot was teasing me when I asked which models came in the more expensive red.  He told me just the one, but who really cares about that?  "What are you going to do, take people on a tour of your Laundry Room?"  He did an abrupt tour demonstration between the appliances, backing up and motioning me to follow saying "We're walking.... we're walking..."

Actually we do take everyone on a tour of the new appliances because the appliances live in a bump out closet off the main hall from the back door.  They would be hiding behind some bifold door except that one of the first things I did when we moved in was remove the bifold door to that closet.  The spring on the bottom of the door was broken and it has been dragging across the wood floor and scratched it all up.  Also when the laundry closet bifold door is open, you couldn't open the door to the garage.  Easiest solution: remove the bifold door.  So yes, every time someone is taking the tour out to Hubby's Fabulous New Office above the garage, they're going to see the Beautiful New Cherry Red Washer and Dryer right off the hallway in their own little nook.  And yes, I really am enjoying the washer and dryer, I think, in part, due to their fabulous color.  And the fact that they are right there, flat and convenient for folding clothes.  No TV to watch, but no Kelso hair floating around either.

When my brother and his wife were up for the first time last week my folks also came up for the afternoon.  My mother is of course the devil's advocate in all things, ready to argue every side of every situation.  She saw the house before we bought it, and it worried Hubby sick at the time that she was going to try and talk me out of it because no, it is not perfect.  But she gave her stamp of approval and now we've relocated.  What was amusing was that on this particular day she was the one giving the tour.  I think she has been vicariously enjoying having a new house through ours.  It's always fun to get new stuff, and of course a new house sort of tops the list for most people.  I sort of ended up hanging back and watching while she showed my brother and his wife around, and gushed about the good features of the house, how it fit our needs so well, and explained our visions for the improvements.  It was pretty neat to watch her get excited about it.  

I think we're going to like it here just fine.

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