Friday, June 10, 2011

Thing 2's first group email

I signed my kids up for emails.  I had heard there were some good systems for kids, so I did a quick google search and found zoobuh.  It had to be a quick search because Thing 2 was gyrating excitedly behind me the whole time firing off questions about was it done yet.  I signed them up and Thing 2 immediately started emailing everyone I know.  This is one of her first emails... I thought it was so cute I wanted to save it.  There is no preamble, this is the whole email minus her signature.

One day i saw a brain pop jr video, (Brainpop jr is an egecatinol thing for kids.) About E-MAILS. I got ubsessesd that Annie and Moby had their own acount thing. (Annie and Moby are the 2 main characters.) I wanted a thing like they had, I asked my mom "Can I have one of thoughs?" She said "I'll think about it." The next day I asked her again. She said, "Remind me lader!" I reminded her EVERYWHERE. Finally, We were taking a bath and I came down stairs and asked. AGAIN. Then she looked up on Google kids E-mailing. This girl online said "Try Zoobuh." So we did, and my hair was still wet and everything. Finally it took a long time but Mom got me started. Thats how I got my E-mailing acount

Watch out world wide web; here she comes!!!

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