Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Me 2

I was going to walk the kids over to hear the concert, but I found U2 wasn't coming on until 8:30.  Bedtime.
Turns out I didn't need to, they can hear it pretty well from their room.  This way Bono can sing them to sleep...

I just read Annie's blog and on second thought maybe I shouldn't post this.  It's pretty pathetic that my claim to fame is that I can hear the concert as I'm typing. It's kinda cool, though. My kids got to bed pretty late because I was upstairs dancing around their room, where the concert comes in just a little clearer. "Oh, oh! This is a great song!!" 

OH WAIT!  I just got this from my brother.
Turns out hearing the concert in my kitchen isn't my only claim to fame... And now I'm getting it in stereo because it's coming in over the monitor too...  Apparently my wicked awesome brother and sister-in-law are at the concert!  That's only one degree of separation from fame!  Wooo hooo!  And looks like they have pretty darn good seats, too!  Look at those speaker towers... no wonder I can hear it at my house!  Well yippeee for them!!!  See, they're still totally hip.  Even though he's older than me, he was always hipper than me.  It helps that they have a daughter old enough to babysit their younger daughters, which I believe lends itself to actually having a life. And they aren't trolls living in the dark completely unaware of current events unless they're blasting into their kitchens at 80 decibels. 

Rock on, big brother. Rock on.

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