Monday, April 18, 2011

Blue Ribbon

For the past three years Thing 1 has entered a Lego creation in the local library Lego Creation Contest.  Each year including last year she got a blue ribbon that says "AWESOME" on it, and each year she thinks she's won some special blue ribbon prize.  I have told her that every kid who submits an entry gets the same ribbon, but she has assured me I'm wrong.  Blue ribbon means winner, and she's THE WINNER!  I've decided to smile and nod.
Always before there were maybe four or five entries, displayed under a plexiglass dome on the end of one of the bookcases.

This year there were entries all along a ten foot bookcase.  There were some pretty impressive entries, especially the Lego Taj Mahal, which Hubby told me was a kit.  I don't remember any others specifically, but some were interesting enough.

So finally after it was all over someone called me from the library to tell me that Thing 1 could come and pick up her creation.  I was told there was a 'little something' for her.  I thought cool, another blue ribbon.  Thing 1 will be pleased.
I suspected it was the same thing as always, but they've never said that to me before when they called for me to come get the Legos, so because they had said that, I suggested she go with me to pick up her creation.  Instead of just bringing out her Legos, the lady at the desk said we should follow her  into the staff room.  There was a box of the several Lego creations that hadn't been picked up yet.  Another staff member was back there too.  With some ceremony, the two library ladies explained to Thing 1 that each year the staff members vote on which Lego creation showed the most creativity, and best use of the Legos.  Their favorite gets a special "Best In Show" blue ribbon.  Thing 1 got it this year.
Thing 1 was terribly excited, to say the least.  She carefully huddled over her ribbon and her creation to keep the rain off of them on the way to the car.  She carried them both as she didn't want me to bend the ribbon, or knock the legos.

I apologize for the fuzzy phone pictures, but my camera stopped working.
I was extremely proud.  I am sure her talent with Legos is just evidence of her start at greatness.

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  1. Looks like she should apply for a job with Lucasfilms. Well done!


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