Friday, February 22, 2008

More stuff

After making a huge fuss over the arrangements to California, it’s all taken care of and I think it worked out just fine. The girls and I are flying out a week from today (Thursday) and will fly back the following Wednesday. Hubby will be in Santa Clara, he has a conference that goes until Friday. He will be flying down to meet us when he’s done. He was supposed to be going to New York that next week, but I haven’t heard that the contract there is firming up, so it might be that he can stay longer in Oceanside. Either way, it means I don’t have to endure the 14 hour road trip over and back, and we’ll have two more days on the beach. Also the girls love to fly, and 2 hours is a pretty easy flight to do with them.

So. Thing 2 is really loving her ballet class. I REALLY love it. I think she gets so much more out of it that the rather free form classes we’ve had, and probably more than she’d get at Virginia Tanner. She’s learning some of the basic movements and postures, and in the mean time she gets to wear a tutu. The teacher is this charming guy from Chile, I suppose I should have recognized the Chilean accent on his English. But he’s very good with the little girls, very tolerant yet he pushes them a little. I would love to sit in the class and watch, but I distract her and she spends too much time looking at me and waving. So I sit with the other moms and wait outside.
She dosen't know it, but here's her Degas impression.

Today Thing 2 and Lilly, another little girl, go prancing into the studio and Christobal, the teacher, closes the door behind them so they can start the class. Not 60 seconds later he opens the door and pokes his head out laughing, and he says something about how we need to be careful about telling secrets to our little girls. He’s laughing and seems embarrassed to tell us what secret he has learned. Finally he says, “I have learned that one of you likes to wear a wig, and it doesn’t really match your hair color.”

This is Thing 1 being her lovely self - uncharicteristicly holding still for a picture

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