Monday, September 4, 2006

Antelope Island

We got a third wheel trail along bike for Thing 1, and took a ride out to Antelope Island. Thing 2 rode behind me in the trailer.
We started in the parking lot of the island, actually, then rode out to the sheep ranch and had lunch.

We had a rough start when I put the bike rack on my camera that I had been so careful to place in the trunk where it wouldn't get hurt, and broke the window display on the back. Crunch. I can still take pictures, but I'm using the little window viewfinder, and I can't use any of the menus. Guess what I'm asking for for Christmas?

We made it most of the way back before Thing 1 completely tuckered out. It's a pretty long ride, several miles, but she did so great. She finally whimpered to take a break, and we scooted Thing 2 over in the trailer, and put them in there together. Within seconds Thing 1 was asleep. Thing 2 found this immensely funny, how she could flop Thing 1's head around and not even wake her up. She earned her sleep tonight.

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