Monday, November 17, 2008


As expected, dad’s Angioplasty revealed his heart is healthy and fabulous. The heart of a man 25 years younger. The Doctor said he’s short of breath because he’s so anemic. It was looking like his bones might be dying, not producing any iron or anything. This hints at leukemia.
So they went back to home, north 80 miles, from the hospital where the tests were done. Long story short, turns out his bones aren’t dead – ruling out leukemia and other bone cancery sort of things. He just had a colonoscopy three years ago, so today they’re going to look at upper GI tract sorts of possibilities of something bleeding out into his body. That happens later this afternoon.

We left for our Orlando vacation on the 12th. I picked the girls up after a morning of school and we flew to Atlanta, then changed planes and went to Orlando. Unfortunately our luggage didn’t make the plane change.
Hubby was there to meet us and took us back to the hotel. As we were letting them know about the luggage Hubby and I discovered we’d had a miscommunication about the hotel dates. I had reserved a Disney hotel for Friday and Saturday nights, but Hubby had told them we’d be checking out of the conference hotel on Thursday morning. He seemed to think that the conference would cover us for one more night, but he seemed a little unsure to me. Again, continuing the miscommunication, I figured it would be cheaper to stay at the Disney hotel an extra night than to pay for the fancy conference hotel. So Thursday morning I got on the phone with Disney, and got us another room. As he was getting out of the shower I told him it would be easier for me to stay in the conference hotel one more day while we’re swimming at the pool… and at that point I learned that he firmly believed it wouldn’t have been a problem for us to get the conference to cover us for another night. Oh well… too late.
So the girls and I had breakfast, then put on our swimming suits and packed up the hotel room, moved all the luggage to the rental car, then went swimming. We saw lizards... lots of them, around the pool. The girls loved it.

Everything was fine until around 3:00. Suddenly Thing 2 told me her stomach hurt… badly. I didn’t know what to do. She just seemed miserable. I sort of panicked, since I didn’t have a comfortable hotel room to take her to, and didn’t have anything in particular to entertain Thing while Thing 2 was resting comfortably on a couch somewhere, I decided to take them both to the Disney hotel and check in.
I had my first experience with Hubby’s navigator thing. It is lovely. Thing 2 fell asleep in the car on the way over.
Thing 2 was pretty much all better by the time I woke her up when I started feeling I had left them alone in the car long enough while I was checking in. We got to the room and I unpacked, then got a message from Hubby saying come pick me up.
We had dinner at a restaurant in downtown Disney called the T-rex experience or something like that. Very noisy, very crowded… and they lost Hubby and my orders. We didn’t get our food until long after the girls had finished.
Long day.
The next day (Friday) we went to Magic Kingdom. It seems like it takes us a while to get started, and it was somewhat crowded but not terrible. Half the problem was figuring out what we wanted to do, and where we wanted to eat. It was also really hot. Th girls were both complaining of being hot and tired…. Then Thing 2 really collapsed and just wanted to sleep. I told Hubby and Thing 1 to go ride some rides and I took Thing 2 on a search for some frozen lemonade, I thought that might make both of us feel better. I got some fairly close to where we left Hubby and Thing 1, and found a table. She almost immediately laid down across a couple of stools and fell asleep. I ate the lemonade and watched all the people go by.

Hubby came back around 5:00. He and Thing 1 had been riding rides and shopping. So we decided to swap. I’d go ride a few rides with Thing 1, and he’d stay with Thing 2. We went on Thunder mountain, and Thing 1 decided she’d be okay on Splash mountain. We had just gotten on the ride when I got a text from Huby saying Thing 2 had woken up and was throwing up.
By the time we got off the ride, she’d thrown up twice. It was close to 6:00. Thing 1 and I raced back to them, and we picked up Thing 2 and hustled back to the bus, and back to the hotel. She threw up on the trip back into a plastic bag that her toy of the day, a stuffed rottweiller, had come in.
Hubby and Thing 1 left me and Thing 2 watching TV at the hotel room, and went to downtown Disney to get Thing 1’s prize for the day, a build-a-dino at the T-rex store. Thing 2 seemed to be better and went to bed around 9:00, but woke up just enough to throw up twice more before about 11:00. Hubby and Thing 1 got in around 10:30, but had a marvelous time, and she was thrilled with her dino.
Saturday was our last full day, and we planned on going to Animal Kingdom. Thing 2 woke up and seemed just fine, so we went with the intention of renting a double stroller for her to ride in, and for Thing 1 to ride in if she wanted. That worked well. Thing 2 rode most of the day, Thing 1 rode with her some… and they had a nice time. Thing 2 was a little tired, as you’d expect from someone recovering from the stomach flu, but all in all it was a nice day. We left the park early, around 5:30, without having seen all the shows we might have liked to see. But considering what we were working with, I think we did good.

We had dinner at planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney. Thing 2 fell asleep in the way over and I struggled to wake her up once her food came. She didn’t eat much, but was cheerful and feeling better. The big change came in Hubby. He just seemed psyched to be there, and to have a good meal. He had a great evening.
We had the longest wait for a bus of our trip that evening, and ended up going to the boat to get back to the lodge. Every other time before or since the busses came either immediately or within a few minutes.
Sunday we had a nice big breakfast at the hotel restaurant, which was pretty yummy for me. I had these wonderful sweet potato pancakes with cinnamon pecan butter on top… really nice.
The girls were very excited to go fishing, which they did while I did a little last minute shopping. Hubby stayed with them to bait the hooks and take pictures should anyone actually catch anything, which neither of them did. I bought a Christmas ornament, and a new watch… minor stuff.

The flight back seemed incredibly long. Thing 2 and I sat together, and Hubby and Thing 1 sat together. I had my work cut out for me entertaining Thing 2, but Hubby just let Thing 1 play a game on his i-phone.

The whole trip was a lovely, if somewhat short.. I think a lot of what made it work so well was staying on the Disney property, as compared with last time we went when we stayed at another hotel that was by downtown Disney, but wasn’t affiliated with Disney. One thing I probably would have done different, though, was after we woke up on Thursday since we were staying at a Disney hotel that night, instead of swimming in the conference pool, I would have packed up and headed off to the Disney pool and gone swimming there all day. In retrospect it would have worked out better – a more interesting pool for the kids, and somewhere to rest when Thing 2 got sick. But at the time, we did what we could with the information we had.

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