Friday, June 23, 2006

Must Haves

Thing 1 woke me up at 7:30 this morning demanding help to find some weird little bag that my sister had given them filled with toys at Easter. Thing 2 had found one downstairs and had been carrying it around and suddenly this morning Thing 1 woke up the whining and calling that I MUST go down and help her find it. I dragged my feet, knowing the thing was probably not there, and resenting being dragged out of bed for something so inane.

They’ve been just great lately. I’ve been so busy assembling this family cookbook and I’ve been ignoring them to do it. They’ve had to watch more TV, and entertain themselves more than usual.

I did want to write down some funny things they’ve said:

One of the student teachers at Thing 1’s school told me they’d gone on a field trip, looking for rocks, or bugs, or something, and Thing 1 had looked up at the mountain behind the University and told her it is “the Big Stone Mountain of Many Colors.” She said it had a lot of snakes on it, “Snakes of Many Colors.” But not to be afraid, because they’re nice. The girl also told me that they’d been having a unit on Dirt at school, and when asked what dirt felt like, Thing 1 had gotten thoughtful for a moment, and then announced “it feels like Salsa.” The student teacher had found this particularly amusing. I guess most of the other students answers hadn’t been nearly so entertaining. I told her Thing 1 is not a big condiment eater and I am not sure how she even knows that word.

She never says “Remember” it’s always “Benember.”

We were coming down the stairs one morning all together and Thing 2 was chattering on endlessly like she sometimes does. Thing 1 was coming down next to her, one step at a time on her bum and says, completely bored and uninterested, “I see. I see.” She was so obviously just placating Thing 2 I thought it was quite funny.

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